Apidimi is an online portal for prospective or current students interested in studying in Australia. Apidimi makes it easy for you to do everything in one place: you can search and enrol in courses, get your mandatory student health insurance, and apply for your student visa.

And that’s only the beginning – you can also connect with other students through Apidimi, gain work experience that is relevant to your studies, and get rebates when you finish your course. So much to discover, and all in one place! To begin, simply create a profile, the first of Apidimi’s five easy steps.

On the home page, click the green button that says: Create A Profile. From there you will be directed to your student dashboard, where you can complete your profile in your own time, as it suits you.

On the home page, you can search our course offerings by subject, location or duration. We even have suggestions in case you aren’t sure about what you’d like to study. Simply scroll down on the home page to the area where we have grouped courses into Business & Accounting, Arts & Creative, Healthcare & Human Sciences, Information Technology, Languages, Science & Engineering and Tourism & Hospitality. By clicking on your general areas of interest, you will quickly discover what related courses are available.

Course packaging is when you sign up for two complimentary courses with the same institution. The benefit of doing so is that you can study for longer in Australia, all under one student visa. Some institutions pre-package courses (listed as “dual” courses using the search function), or you can do it yourself manually.

Simply start by creating a profile, and then choose a course (or two) that is right for you. Please note that your profile must be complete in order to be sent to providers. From there, Apidimi will communicate with the institution on your behalf. When the institution sends you a letter of offer to finalise your enrollment, you will need to do the following:

  • Complete and sign the letter.
  • Select and pay for your mandatory insurance.
  • Review and complete GTE.
  • Provide evidence of your financial capacity to support yourself during your studies.

Apidimi can then create a draft visa for you. You have the option of reviewing and completing it with one of our migration agents before submitting to the Department of Immigration.

With Apidimi, you have everything in one place including your mandatory health insurance, visa form pre-population, visa migration agents, and a network of international students. We will also communicate with the provider on your behalf, in order to get your letter of offer.

Upon completion of studies, Apidimi gives you a course rebate, and can connect you with potential job outcomes and visa pathways. Basically, we make it easier for you to start studying and living in Australia!

  • If you have previously received a visa cancellation or have been convicted of major criminal offences.
  • If you plan to use a student visa in Australia without a genuine intention to study. In other words, you must be a genuine temporary entrant (GTE).
  • A lack of English language ability (there are tests that can be done from your home country to determine your proficiency).
  • A lack of funds to support yourself while in Australia.

By creating a profile, Apidimi can help you generate a draft visa application. You will be required to review and update it, with the option of being assisted by one of our migration agents prior to submitting to the Department of Immigration.

Generally speaking, your course duration determines the length of your visa. Most student visas commence 4-6 weeks before the course start date and end 4-8 weeks after course completion. Courses in Australia are often expressed in terms of weeks, so we’ve made it easy; duration is one of our search functions.

Each course provider has a schedule of fees. The provider and course that you want to study with will inform the cost of studying in Australia. Other key considerations are mandatory health insurance and visa fees.

Prospective students must have access to funds that can provide for living expenses whilst studying (accommodation, food, transport, etc.) of approximately $20,290 per annum.

Yes, you can work up to forty hours per fortnight when your study course is in session, and you will have unlimited work rights during course breaks.

Yes, this is built into our platform. You will receive a quote based on your completed profile.

When you finish the enrolment process, you will be connected to a group of students who will be commencing their studies around the same time in Australia. You will be able to ask each other questions, and start forming friendships before even leaving your country!

Yes, you will receive a 2% rebate of your total course fees when your studies are complete. Enjoy this money for travel, or to get your career started!

Yes, Apidimi suggests work experience opportunities based on your profile and previous qualifications. In addition, it matches up your profile with opportunities on the medium and long-term skills shortage lists, which could provide a pathway to permanent residency in the future, through skilled independent or a sponsored work visa.

No, it is free to create a profile and use our website. The only times you pay are for your tuition, visa, and other study-related fees. We do not charge anything extra for the ease and support of our site, and in fact we give you a rebate on your course fees (when you complete the course you will receive 2% of your fees back!).