12 Best Things About Being a Student

Being a student can be stressful, with all of the studying and pressures of getting good grades, not to mention that many students are living away from home for the first time. But, it’s also a time of great freedom; there is so much choice and so much newness as a student. Not sure what we mean? Then read on for our list of the 12 best things about being a student, and be reminded of why this time is such a gift.

1.    Sleeping in & Napping

Very few students have class first thing every morning of the week, which means there is ample time for sleeping in. Not so, once you undertake Monday – Friday work. And if your class schedule during the week doesn’t allow it? Then certainly the weekends do. And if sleeping in isn’t your thing, then treat yourself to a nap between classes or even at the library to get a little boost for more studying. We reckon that the freedom to sleep whenever wherever is a pretty epic part of being a student.

2.    Being Challenged

Leaving home to live and study in a new environment is sure to be challenging. Students may be doing their own washing, grocery shopping, scheduling and more for the first time. We can approach all of this with fear, or approach the challenges as they come with presence, enthusiasm and even appreciation. After all, it’s the challenging times that make us grow and teach us the most. and January are typically the busiest months because of tourism and school holidays in Australia, so that’s when you’ll likely be able to get the most hours.

3.    Learning New Things

It is so easy to roll your eyes at something you have to memorise for a test, or to lament the particular chapter you’re studying, but sometimes it’s important to keep perspective. Learning new things is good for your brain health, and you never know when something you’ve learned will serve you later in life. Perhaps this is why many mature students are so dedicated; they realize that it’s a privilege and a gift to be able to spend so much time learning.

4.    Studying Anywhere

In today’s age of technology, you don’t have to study in the library or in a dedicated study area. Take your textbook or laptop to a café, park, beach, or friend’s living room to put that study time in.

5.    Student Discounts

This is a definite perk of being a student. Yes, you are spending a lot of money on fees and you probably don’t have a big income, if any at all, and in recognition of this, businesses and government give students a discount on just about everything. From restaurants to public transport to admission fees to movie tickets, it’s always worth asking if there is a student discount.

6.    Going out on a Tuesday (or whenever really!)

Your schedule does not follow the typical Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm format so make the most of that. Lots of restaurants and bars have cheap nights throughout the week to attract customers on evenings when they are a little quieter. So although it’s not specifically a student discount, it’s one you can take advantage of – enjoy those deals that people who have to work first thing cannot. And back to our first point, relish in the fact that you can sleep it off the next day!

7.   Your Independence

Becoming more independent is an exciting part of undertaking higher education. In grade schools, everything was very structured. Suddenly you don’t even have to attend all your classes or necessarily have many assignments along the path to your mid-term and final exams. That means you need to take responsibility for your learning, which helps you develop a sense of independence. You may also be paying rent, buying groceries and doing other “adult” things for the first time. All of it will contribute to strengthening your sense of independence, which is an important thing for all of us to develop as we move about in the world.

8.    Playing Hooky

So you’re under the weather, hungover or just don’t feel like going to class? You can probably get away with that because that’s how it is when you’re in higher education courses. So enjoy this freedom, and remember that actions do have consequences – don’t skip days with tests or something else of importance!

9.    Having Free Time

Although you may have a lot of assignments and studying to do, you probably also have a fair bit of free time. You can use that to chat with friends, watch Netflix, get fit, play sports, volunteer, join a club – the possibilities are endless. You get to largely choose how you spend your time (even most classes aren’t technically mandatory), and how you choose will likely teach you more than you expect.

10.   Long Breaks

If you’re enrolled in Uni then you will probably enjoy 3-4 months of holidays for each study year in your degree. This allows you to work, travel, or do most anything you would like.

11.   Wearing Pyjamas & Sweatpants

Comfortable clothes are legit study wear – not so in the work force! Enjoy this time where you can wear pretty much anything, and no one will blink an eye. Show up to class or the library in your comfiest pyjama pants, and watch how few people react (compare that to an office… not even an option so enjoy this freedom of expression and comfort while you can!).

12.   The “Newness” of Being a Student

There are so many new things to experience as a student; meeting new people, trying new activities, hearing new ideas, going to new places… it is truly a time of discovery. Be open to it all, as this is a wonderful chance to expand your horizons and perspective. Being open-minded to learning and unlearning will serve you equally well at this changing stage of life.


There really is a reason why people say this is the best time of your life. So our advice is don’t be one of those people who only realises that when they look back – enjoy it all now, while it’s happening! Try to remember that the assignments, tests and other stresses are temporary.

Do your best, and know that all of what you’re learning and being challenged by is teaching you at least as much as your courses are.

Take it all in, and let it all go. You’ve got this!

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Alison Starratt

Alison Starratt

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